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Monthly Archives: September 2008

Telangana is becoming the biggest issue for the upcoming elections. With several new parties lining up to contest, there are more and more speculations that forecast a hung parliament for Andhra Pradesh.

Chiranjeevi started his rally from the Weaver’s hub, Sirsilla in Talangana. All the pro-Telangana parties are already gearing up with plans to either unite or to increase the intensity of their agitation. Bharatiya Janata Party, which has little presence in Andhra Pradesh is also trying to woo Telangana voters by saying that a separate Telangana state is possible only through the BJP. Bandaru Dattatreya at the local level and Mr. Venkaiah Naidu at the centre have stated that it was during the BJP leadership that the first States Reorganisation took place.

Going by the political developments in Andhra Pradesh over the past few months, there is no doubt whatsoever that Telangana is central to the upcoming elections and can even become a deciding factor for supremacy of any one party, if at all any party should get a majority this time.


It is reported that Praja Rajyam party chief, Chiranjeevi has started burning the midnight oil to learn more about politics and administration. This is intended to prepare him for his campaigns and give him knowledge sufficient to understand the nitty-gritty of politics.

Not only this, Praja Rajyam is also trying to analyse the problems of common people more closely to understand how best they can be solved. All this is being seen as an effort to make sure the Chiru has substance when he speaks in party campaigns.

Chiru is definitely preparing well for the upcoming elections. He must have realized that it is not as easy as reading out a script from a script writer and enacting a scene full of emotion and drama. Chiru is growing up in Politics.

Chief Minister, Dr. Y. S. Rajashekar Raddy visited areas in the Manthani Assembly Constitutional limits and announced two major lift irrigation projects here. He laid the foundation stone for Sri Kaleshwara Mukeshwara Lift irrigation project which will cost Rs. 500 crores and the Sripada Yellapalli Lift Irrigation project costing Rs. 100 Crores.

Though these areas are close to river Godavari, they do not benefit from its waters because they are lying on higher altitude. These projects are intended to benefit hundreds of acres of agriculture in these areas in addition to providing drinking water to the people living here.

YS is the first CM to have visited these areas in these many years of Andhra Pradesh government. He had visited parts of these areas during his Palle baata a few years ago during his election campaigns before becoming CM.

What remains to be seen is whether the implementation will begin. There are many such foundation stones laid all over the Telangana region so far. The situation in Talangana is such that even the foundation stones have got demolished with time without any implementation happening. Many projects were stopped mid-way and several others are going at a snails pace.

And anyway, why hasn’t congress visited these areas right in the beginning of their rule, why now at the fag end of their tenure? It is anything but obvious that YSR is very much after the votes from these areas.

Chiru is also going the Telugu Desam way. The Praja Rajyam party seems to have announced that it would reveal its stand on Telangana only after their public rallies all over the state.

It is believed that they are worried that adverse effects may be seen from the Andhra regions if they go pro-Telangana.

Why are all parties that are aiming big, unable to speak their stand boldly about Telangana region? This is a factor of concern for us. We are going to do some research on this and post some interesting info in this very soon. Stats, data, facts and much more on Why Telangana issue is rocking the house will be our next most discussed aspect.

After Septermber 17, 1948, in the course of the next few years, several Telugu speaking areas were brought together and the state of Andhra Pradesh was formed. The new found Andhra Pradesh state had three main linguistic regions – Andhra region where people spoke the Andhra dialect, the Rayalaseema region where people spoke the Rayalaseema dialect, and the Telangana region where people spoke the Telangana dialect.

Did Telangana Liveration Day mean anything for Telangana?
The Telangana region saw very little attention or development barring the phase where industrial development was implemented in one of the earliest five-year plans in our country.

If we observe the economic development in Telangana today, Telangana is lagging behind by at least ten years when compared to the other regions in Andhra Pradesh. Many towns in Andhra and Rayalaseema areas have now developed into cities, whereas, in Telangana, even the district headquarters still look like miniature towns only.

Telangana seemed to have missed out on many areas of development. Sometimes you may even be surprised to note that this region, that looks so under-developed and neglected, also belongs to the same state of Andhra Pradesh.

This is just a very brief overview. If you get into minute details things may look even worse. This is the reason why, many political parties are focusing their entire agenda on making this region into a separate State.

We definitely have good results coming from smaller states after the first States re-organisation. A second States re-organisation committee may also become necessary very soon.

Seventeenth of September 1948 was the day when the Indian Army marched into the State of Hyderabad with its Tanks. Nizam was one among the many Principalities that did not surrender the rule to the Indian Government after India became independent in 1947. In the first year after independence the Government tried hard to convince the small kingdoms to surrender their power and become part of India. When they did not get convinced, the government had to use the Police and the Army.

Did it mean liberation for Telangana?
It must be noted that the Telanga leaders fought for India’s independence and not for their own liberation. The Telangana Arms Struggle or any major struggle that was spearheaded by the Telangana leaders of the yesteryears was not really against the Nizams.

The Nizams were absolute autocratic rulers of the Hyderabad and the whole of Deccan for generations and going against the King was never really a good deal. From recorded history, we have evidence that whoever tried to go against the Nizams, had to face serious consequences. Some of the Urdu dailies published during this time were either burnt down, or shut down and went bankrupt simply because they were running an anit-Nizam propaganda.

Moreover, from a decade or two before Independence, it was the British who were dominating the scene. British gained supremacy in the whole of India and had signed agreements with several principalities like the Nizams. As per these agreements, the Kings were allowed to rule their kingdom provided they allow the British to establish their troops in these areas and free trade be allowed. The Kings were supposed to pay for the upkeep of the troops and in return the troops would give security to the Kings.

When the British left India, the Nizams did not lose much, they were still in power for one more year.

Part 2 of this post follows. Keep reading.

Chiru and his Praja Rajyam party hosted an Ifthar party in Mehdipatnam. Several orphan Muslim children from various Madrasas in the city were given a sumptuous meal and gifted with new clothes. Chiru had also made arrangements to give new clothes to many other orphan children who could not make it to the Ifthar party.

Speaking on this occasion, Chiru expressed his joy in interacting with the orphans. He was elated to see that the blessings of so many Muslim brethren are also with his party. He even vowed to try and speak in Urdu by this time next year.

This is being seen as a gesture to win the Muslim vote bank in the forthcoming elections. The party, however, did not buy this argument.

Of course, our Megastar Chiranjeevi was looking quite good in his white coloured Muslim attire with a cap and all.

Telangana Vimochana Dinam was observed yesterday in several party offices and in several regions across the Telangana region. We have a briefing of this for you.

At the Congress Party Office
The congress party members hoisted the national flag and remembered the many sacrifices made by the freedom fighters of Telangana.

Telangana Rashtra Samiti (TRS)
K. Chandrasekhar Rao inaugurated the biggest Telangana Martyr’s Memorial and addressed a huge gathering. He vowed to unite all forces fighting for the Telanagana cause.

Lok Satta Party
The Lok Satta chief, Jaya Prakash, stated that it is a memorable day in the history of this region and must sufficiently be recognized by the Government as well.

Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)
Several BJP and ABVP activists evaded policemen on duty and managed to hoist the national flag on various collectorate offices in the Telangana region.

Talli Telangana Party
Spokesperson of the party, Smt. Vijayashanti, vowed to unite the forces fighting for a separate Telangana state.

Lots of media coverage and a lot of special programs and discussions on this day in several regional news channels. Why is everyone waking up to this day all of a sudden? Why has no one bothered about this for all of these sixty years? Many such questions need to be answered and pondered on. We are researching these aspects. Keep reading for more inputs are coming soon.

The no-confindence motion against the honorable speaker recently in Andhra Pradesh Assembly was the first of its kind in the whole country. It is an interesting development in the political scene and must definitely be taken into consideration.

The Speaker, owing to the unruly behaviour of the sitting members is sometimes forced to take steps against them. Often considered as a thankless job, a Speaker needs a lot of patience and good interpersonal skills to manage a house full of loud mouths and short tempers.

When somtimes the egos of individuals or the parties are hurt badly, they have no other way to save grace but to resort to such moves as the no-confidence motion against the speaker. Many members felt that it was entirely unnecessary. This was also proved so when the speaker won the confidence of the house and thanked one and all for their support.

It’s a clash of self respect, egos, party pride and many more such emotional factors that make our politicians to become more and more innovative in rummaging what more can be constitutionally possible.

The Praja Rajyam Party accused congress of misappropriating funds to the tune of hundreds of crores. The party high command blames this on the congress party’s lack of tranparency and on the corrupt nature of its members. Praja Rajyam spokespersons including Chiru himself are challenging Congress party members to come forward for talks on this. They say the congress will have no answers to their focused questions on issues.

It is good to see the brazen enthusiasm of the upcoming party. Congress party is yet to react to these accusations but they may also be well prepared to face such accusations. They may even prepare themselves because there are elections very soon and more and more such accusations may come in their way.

When all is said and done, voters are now becoming more and more aware of the political scene in AP. No one can keep them in the dark with false promises anymore.

We are excited about the way things are turning up. The balance is always swinging never quite remaining steady with any one party! Hmm Interesting!