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Monthly Archives: October 2008

Y. S. Rajasekhara Reddy was seen defending his stand when presenting his views about Telangana to Sonia Gandhi and Manmohan Singh.

The Congress high command, it seems, had asked YSR to clarify his stand on Telangana because almost all other parties in the State now seem to be supporting the T issue. The high command wanted him to state how he is going to go for elections if he is undecided on Telangana.

Read the full article from Voices of Andhra Pradesh.


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Voices of Andhra Pradesh

Praja Rajyam party has appointed graduates in several of its party offices across the state. These will be working on full-time as salaried employees of the party. They are called as Office Co-ordinators by the party. Their on-paper role is to take care of the the Administration of the respective branch and to facilitate in the party proceeding conducted from that branch.

Unofficially, or should we call it more officially, the main role of these grads is to spy on the party leaders. They are to spy on the movements and activities of the party leaders in the respective branches and report the same directly to the high command in the main office in Hyderabad. In this regard, they will take orders directly from the high command and every activity is supposed to be conducted in strictest confidence including reporting.

Read the full article from Voices of Andhra Pradesh.

Congress is now into its third phase of Indiramma Sambaralu. For those who know little about these celebrations, let us tell you, the Congress during its rule has done several pro-poor activities in which one is the Gruha kalpa scheme under which they claim to have constructed lakhs of houses for the poor.

At several of these speeches, YSR has been seen becoming very emotional. He first highlights all the good things, then gives the statistics for everyone to see the facts, and finally he requests the people to compare the development programs of Congress and TDP and see for themselves what difference the Congress is making for them.

Read the full article from Voices of Andhra Pradesh.

The BJP and allied parties have agreed to table the bill for Separate Telangana as per the request from NTPP. The bill will be discussed in the parliament and a vote is likely to be cast on it.

This is being seen as a major move that will make many things clear. It is going to show how strong the sentimeent for a separate Telangana is.

Read the full article from Voices of Andhra Pradesh.

NTPP Devendar Goud met Sonia Gandhi and discussed the issue of separate Telangana. He emphasized the need to give a separate state for Telangana by putting forward a strong case for the same.

He reported that Sonia heard him patiently and responded positively over the issue. He mentioned that Sonia assured him that Telangana issue is in her top priority and that she will discuss this with the Prime Minister as soon as he arrives to India after his visit from Japan and China.

Read the full article from Voices of Andhra Pradesh.

TDP leader, Chandhrababu Naidu, asked NTR kin not to attend Yuva Garjana meeting. Except Balakrishna, all the other actors of the family are to refrain from this public gathering.

Shocked by Junior NTR’s refusal to attend the meeting, TDP has taken this decision to make sure that people do not conceive that there is a divide in the NTR family over TDP. Chandrababu Naidu feels that others can be involved in the meetings at a more appropriate time later during Election campaigns.

Read the full artcile from Voices of Andhra Pradesh.

Junior NTR met Chandrababu Naidu at his residence and they seem to have had a discussion for about an hour. Chandrababu Naidu tried to convince Junior NTR to attend the Yuva Garjana campaign rally on Nov 5. No matter how much he tried, Jr. NTR just did not get convinced. He admitted to having some prior commitments for his upcoming movie (incidentally called MLA) and that he wants to honor those commitments.

It is already talk of the town that the NTR family is divided over their support for Telugu Desam Party. This move may not go well with the party. There are two main reasons cited for this action. One, Jr. NTR wants to concentrate more on his Acting career like his contemporary actors such as Mahesh Babu, etc. Two, that he requested a party ticket for his film producer who wanted to contest from Gunnavaram, but the party has denied this request because they wanted to place their own candidate in this seat.

Read the full article from Voices of Andhra Pradesh.

Gadar gave an interview with a local TV News channel recently. He spoke extensively about Telangana and his interactions with various party leaders in Andhra Pradesh about this issue. Here is an excerpt from the interview.

Question: What do you think are the major issues in Telangana in the present day.
Gadar: Some of the major issues are lack of self respect, social justice, improper allocation of natural resources to the region, and social, cultural, political and economic differences of the region when compared to other regions in Andhra Pradesh.

Question: Your own contribution for the emancipation of this region is well-known. In what other ways are you working towards this goal?
Gadar: You are right, my own struggle is selfless, neutral and pro-poor. I sing for the poor even with bullets in my body. I participate in almost all programs where I am invited for a good cause. I have no resistance or no opposition when I want to meet any big leader in any party to have my word with them. My struggle is focused, devoted, and disciplined. (He goes into a ballad impromptu…)

Question: It seems you interacted with Chiranjeevi recently, what was the discussion all about. How did Chiru react to a separate Telangana?

Read the full article from Voices of Andhra Pradesh.

Balakrishna fans are calling their hero the next Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh. They Wove to give their full support for the same.

They also say that while Balakrishna is here in Andhra Pradesh, Chandra Babu Naidu can go to the centre and become the Prime Minister if needed.

Read the full article from Voices of Andhra Pradesh.