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Praja Rajyam party has appointed graduates in several of its party offices across the state. These will be working on full-time as salaried employees of the party. They are called as Office Co-ordinators by the party. Their on-paper role is to take care of the the Administration of the respective branch and to facilitate in the party proceeding conducted from that branch.

Unofficially, or should we call it more officially, the main role of these grads is to spy on the party leaders. They are to spy on the movements and activities of the party leaders in the respective branches and report the same directly to the high command in the main office in Hyderabad. In this regard, they will take orders directly from the high command and every activity is supposed to be conducted in strictest confidence including reporting.

Read the full article from Voices of Andhra Pradesh.


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    • govind
    • Posted October 24, 2008 at 7:54 pm
    • Permalink

    dear sir,
    it is good that you have appointed graduates who are also employees.
    but my request to you sir,
    that have a panel of experts to find solutions to the problems and to attend
    then only you will get solutions
    there are so many people who are in the unorganized sector and do not know how to get their problem solved

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