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Y. S. Rajasekhara Reddy was seen defending his stand when presenting his views about Telangana to Sonia Gandhi and Manmohan Singh.

The Congress high command, it seems, had asked YSR to clarify his stand on Telangana because almost all other parties in the State now seem to be supporting the T issue. The high command wanted him to state how he is going to go for elections if he is undecided on Telangana.

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Congress is now into its third phase of Indiramma Sambaralu. For those who know little about these celebrations, let us tell you, the Congress during its rule has done several pro-poor activities in which one is the Gruha kalpa scheme under which they claim to have constructed lakhs of houses for the poor.

At several of these speeches, YSR has been seen becoming very emotional. He first highlights all the good things, then gives the statistics for everyone to see the facts, and finally he requests the people to compare the development programs of Congress and TDP and see for themselves what difference the Congress is making for them.

Read the full article from Voices of Andhra Pradesh.

Alarmed at the way TDP chief, Chandrababu Naidu was declaring freebies to the public, the Congress declared that he is fit to be given an award called “All Free.”

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Congress leaders were not too happy that Chiranjeevi is spending crores of rupees on his road shows and rallies. They are accusing him of having taken insane amount of money for each movie when he was in the film industry. They feel that Chiru should clarify where he is getting all the from.

Experienceed leaders have a different way of working I suppose. Just as novices do not understand the ways of experienced politicians. Experienced politicians are also unable to understand the way political novices like Chiranjeevi are functioning. These leaders seem to have forgotten that several NRIs, and die-hard Chiru fans have donated liberally to the party started by the megastar. We believe the party has enough funds to give a stiff competition to all other parties.

Elder Congress leaders must concentrate more on developing a winning strategy for their own party instead of going around accusing other parties. This is not the time for mudslinging. It is the time to plan for the coming general elections.

Actor Jayasudha has joined Congress party. An actress with more than 100 films in her career has a lot of popularity in AP both as a star and a person with interest in doing service to people. We have published an article recently about actors joining politics. Our predictions are coming true.

How will Congress benefit out of this?
1. Congress will pitch all its film stars to play against Chiranjeevi. Chiru has a strong following in the age group of 25 to 50. Of these most followers are also women. Considering this is also the majority of vote-eligible population, this is a big concern for other parties. Now, Jayasudha is also a popular film star, so through her campaigns for Congress if she can draw at least 20 to 30% of this crowd back to Congress, then it is a great achievement for Congress.
2. Jayasudha is a novice in politics and therefore cannot be entrusted with high ranked portfolios of ministries once Congress comes to power. So Congress can give her a relatively smaller responsibility and she will be quite satisfied. It is a win-win situation for Congress.

How does Jayasudha get benefited?
1. Jayasudha is already doing some service oriented activities for the poor. Her coming to politics will give her a better platform to do the same work and she can also get more popularity and credibility through this activity.
2. As Congress is the ruling party at the moment, there are chances that it may win the elections. If it does, she can also hope to get some portfolio, even if only small. Even if Congress loses, and Jaysudha were to contest and win, she still gets to sit in the Assembly and serve people. Thats a win-win situation for her.
3. Thirdly, instead of flocking to the Chiru party, if she goes in with Congress, there will be an even spread of Film stars in politics thus enabling a fairer competition and giving everyone a better chance to fight equally. This way, it will boost her self respect even more.

Just as we predicted, keep your fingers crossed and wait. There will be more people to come in by and by. It is just the beginning.

Though the Congress had won the Nuke deal, it had lost CPI support for this one reason alone. They lost TRS as they were not able to resolve the T issue in the past four-odd years. With TDP playing its cards cleverly and supporting the T issue now, TRS, TDP, CPI, and other Telangana parties are all fighting from one side leaving Congress standing alone on the other.

What is more, Chiranjeevi’s Praja Rajyam party may also announce their support for T issue soon. And it is already well known that Lok Satta also has its sympathies for the T issue.

Chief Mnister Y. S. Rajashekar Reddy for these reasons was seen accusing other parties of being chameleons; as selfish and opportunistic. Congress, of course, is confident that it has the mettle to fight it alone. It is confident that all the welfare schemes of this season will see them to power again.

Nevertheless, the fact remains that Congress is either going to face a grand alliance in its opposition or a substantially strong opposition. Its now time for Congress to device a masterplan that will highlight their performance in the last four years. Clearly the odds are high and they must watch out and be ready for the worst if need be.

Chief Minister, Dr. Y. S. Rajashekar Raddy visited areas in the Manthani Assembly Constitutional limits and announced two major lift irrigation projects here. He laid the foundation stone for Sri Kaleshwara Mukeshwara Lift irrigation project which will cost Rs. 500 crores and the Sripada Yellapalli Lift Irrigation project costing Rs. 100 Crores.

Though these areas are close to river Godavari, they do not benefit from its waters because they are lying on higher altitude. These projects are intended to benefit hundreds of acres of agriculture in these areas in addition to providing drinking water to the people living here.

YS is the first CM to have visited these areas in these many years of Andhra Pradesh government. He had visited parts of these areas during his Palle baata a few years ago during his election campaigns before becoming CM.

What remains to be seen is whether the implementation will begin. There are many such foundation stones laid all over the Telangana region so far. The situation in Talangana is such that even the foundation stones have got demolished with time without any implementation happening. Many projects were stopped mid-way and several others are going at a snails pace.

And anyway, why hasn’t congress visited these areas right in the beginning of their rule, why now at the fag end of their tenure? It is anything but obvious that YSR is very much after the votes from these areas.

The Praja Rajyam Party accused congress of misappropriating funds to the tune of hundreds of crores. The party high command blames this on the congress party’s lack of tranparency and on the corrupt nature of its members. Praja Rajyam spokespersons including Chiru himself are challenging Congress party members to come forward for talks on this. They say the congress will have no answers to their focused questions on issues.

It is good to see the brazen enthusiasm of the upcoming party. Congress party is yet to react to these accusations but they may also be well prepared to face such accusations. They may even prepare themselves because there are elections very soon and more and more such accusations may come in their way.

When all is said and done, voters are now becoming more and more aware of the political scene in AP. No one can keep them in the dark with false promises anymore.

We are excited about the way things are turning up. The balance is always swinging never quite remaining steady with any one party! Hmm Interesting!

Sonia Gandhi visited Tirupathi and Ananthapur in Andhra Pradesh. A sizeable crowd was gathered to listen to what she has to say. While stressing the importance of the N-deal for our country, she applauded the devlopment efforts in Andhra Pradesh. She stated that many countries the world over are looking towards Andhra Pradesh to replicate the development efforts in their own homelands. She interacted with several groups of DWCRA women and IIIT students to boost their morale.

This visit is being seen as a start of the Congress Political campaign in Andhra Pradesh. Y. S. Rajashekar Reddy minced no words in publicising the achievements of Congress in the past four years and he never misses a chance to say they are the best!

However, in spite of this, several DWCRA women appeared speaking on TV channels saying very little has been done for them. It a matter of perspective I guess!

Congress here in Andhra Pradesh has been riding on the waiver of loans for farmers for too long. Its not so difficult for the farmers to realise that this initiative was brought into effect by the Centre and not entirely by the state.

Farmers all over Andhra have been severrely affected by the shortage of fertilizers. There have been several recorded attacks of Fertilizer godowns by frustrated farmers who are agitated by officials not releasing the existing stock. It is all very nice to give interviews on Television that they have planned acquisition of fertilizers keeping in mind the rise in demand. They have even promised that the stock is very much there. However, it is obvious to all that the Congress has been keeping the farmers in the dark.

An official has admitted to the Agriculture minister that they are under-stock and have also admitted to delays in supply.

Is Congress really pro-farmers or are they just playing the right moves to win over the largest vote bank of Andhra? Education is not always a prerequisite for a person’s intellect and understanding. The Farmers will realise sooner than later. Others like you and me already know which side is the balance.