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Praja Rajyam party has appointed graduates in several of its party offices across the state. These will be working on full-time as salaried employees of the party. They are called as Office Co-ordinators by the party. Their on-paper role is to take care of the the Administration of the respective branch and to facilitate in the party proceeding conducted from that branch.

Unofficially, or should we call it more officially, the main role of these grads is to spy on the party leaders. They are to spy on the movements and activities of the party leaders in the respective branches and report the same directly to the high command in the main office in Hyderabad. In this regard, they will take orders directly from the high command and every activity is supposed to be conducted in strictest confidence including reporting.

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Praja Rajyam party is likely to announce a favourable stand for statehood of Telangana in its scheduled tour of Telangana districts. Chiranjeevi will tour Karimnhagar, Warangal, Khammam, and Nalgonda district starting from October 30 for about 7 days.

Many things are likely to get clear after the tour. One, the support Chiru is going to get from these regions, two, the party stand on Telangana and three the issues faced by the people of this region on which they would like the party to focus their attention.

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The Praja Rajyam spokesperson Mr. Parkala Prabhakar spoke about the accusation levied on the party by leaders from other political parties. He termed the accusations as being mediocre.

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Chiranjeevi announced during the inauguration of the second office for Praja Rajyam that he will be touring the Warangal and Karimnagar districts over a period of five days starting from October 22. He has asked his party members to make necessary arrangements for the same. issue.

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Chiranjeevi was interviewed by NDTV recently. We provide your some excerpts from the questionaire.

NDTV: What made you enter Politics?

Chiru: After my successful career in the film industry, i felt the need to reach people and solve their problems. If I look back at my life when I grow old, it will give me great satisfaction if I have served people when I had the energy and the ability to do it.

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Chiru inaugurated a second office for the Praja Rajyam party in Jubilee Hills. This office is intended to serve as a meetings place for the party enthusiasts and Chiranjeevi.

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Congress leaders were not too happy that Chiranjeevi is spending crores of rupees on his road shows and rallies. They are accusing him of having taken insane amount of money for each movie when he was in the film industry. They feel that Chiru should clarify where he is getting all the from.

Experienceed leaders have a different way of working I suppose. Just as novices do not understand the ways of experienced politicians. Experienced politicians are also unable to understand the way political novices like Chiranjeevi are functioning. These leaders seem to have forgotten that several NRIs, and die-hard Chiru fans have donated liberally to the party started by the megastar. We believe the party has enough funds to give a stiff competition to all other parties.

Elder Congress leaders must concentrate more on developing a winning strategy for their own party instead of going around accusing other parties. This is not the time for mudslinging. It is the time to plan for the coming general elections.

After a successful road shown in North Andhra region, cut short due to fatigue, Chiru returned to Hyderabad. A good news welcomed him even as he stepped out of the Shamshabad airport amidst huge gathering of fans – the Praja Rajyam Party gets recognition as a state-level party by the Election Commission.

An announcement was made to this effect by the Election Commission yesterday. It has also mentioned that an election symbol for the party shall be identified and made public very soon.

120 speeches in 7 days and lakhs of followers thronging every road show has not gone without giving good results for the party. Congratulations to the party on this!

I have received an email forward today. It tries to show the difference between a Legend and a Celebrity.

In the Legend part of the email, they showed images of the road shows of Chranjeevi’s Praja Rajyam, where lakhs of followers are sorrounding the campaign vehicle boarded by Chiru.

In the Celebrity part of the email, there are images of Balakrishna waving at people from his campaign vehicle. Only there are no people sorrounding him.

It may be true that Chiranjeevi has greater fan following than Balakrishna, but is that all that makes him a Legend. There is definitely more to it than just that. As leaders are always saying, it is the people who will tell!

Chiranjeevi’s road shows are a huge success. But, having to speak continuously for days together on road with lakhs of people gathering all around him, Chiru’s throat has gone soar and the actor-turned-politician is fatigued. Despite advice from Doctors, emotionally charged megastar continued campaigning for a day or two more but he had to call off the yatra till he recovers from the fatigue.

Chiru, we understand your emotions and your feelings for people, we also understand that the people are calling you and you need to respond to their calls. But you must take a break now so that you can recover and come back with a bang. We hope you get well soon!

As Chiru is a novice in politics, he must learn a lesson or two from senior party leaders on how to manage such shows without spoiling his health condition.