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Category Archives: Telangana Issue

Gadar gave an interview with a local TV News channel recently. He spoke extensively about Telangana and his interactions with various party leaders in Andhra Pradesh about this issue. Here is an excerpt from the interview.

Question: What do you think are the major issues in Telangana in the present day.
Gadar: Some of the major issues are lack of self respect, social justice, improper allocation of natural resources to the region, and social, cultural, political and economic differences of the region when compared to other regions in Andhra Pradesh.

Question: Your own contribution for the emancipation of this region is well-known. In what other ways are you working towards this goal?
Gadar: You are right, my own struggle is selfless, neutral and pro-poor. I sing for the poor even with bullets in my body. I participate in almost all programs where I am invited for a good cause. I have no resistance or no opposition when I want to meet any big leader in any party to have my word with them. My struggle is focused, devoted, and disciplined. (He goes into a ballad impromptu…)

Question: It seems you interacted with Chiranjeevi recently, what was the discussion all about. How did Chiru react to a separate Telangana?

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