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TDP leader, Chandhrababu Naidu, asked NTR kin not to attend Yuva Garjana meeting. Except Balakrishna, all the other actors of the family are to refrain from this public gathering.

Shocked by Junior NTR’s refusal to attend the meeting, TDP has taken this decision to make sure that people do not conceive that there is a divide in the NTR family over TDP. Chandrababu Naidu feels that others can be involved in the meetings at a more appropriate time later during Election campaigns.

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Junior NTR met Chandrababu Naidu at his residence and they seem to have had a discussion for about an hour. Chandrababu Naidu tried to convince Junior NTR to attend the Yuva Garjana campaign rally on Nov 5. No matter how much he tried, Jr. NTR just did not get convinced. He admitted to having some prior commitments for his upcoming movie (incidentally called MLA) and that he wants to honor those commitments.

It is already talk of the town that the NTR family is divided over their support for Telugu Desam Party. This move may not go well with the party. There are two main reasons cited for this action. One, Jr. NTR wants to concentrate more on his Acting career like his contemporary actors such as Mahesh Babu, etc. Two, that he requested a party ticket for his film producer who wanted to contest from Gunnavaram, but the party has denied this request because they wanted to place their own candidate in this seat.

Read the full article from Voices of Andhra Pradesh.

Balakrishna fans are calling their hero the next Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh. They Wove to give their full support for the same.

They also say that while Balakrishna is here in Andhra Pradesh, Chandra Babu Naidu can go to the centre and become the Prime Minister if needed.

Read the full article from Voices of Andhra Pradesh.

Alarmed at the way TDP chief, Chandrababu Naidu was declaring freebies to the public, the Congress declared that he is fit to be given an award called “All Free.”

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The Telugu Desam party is busy designing its poll strategy.

It was a clever move on their part to support Telangana issue. By doing so, they are likely to get support from the TRS. Very few people know that in the elections when TDP came to power last time, KCR had played a crucial role in TDP. Infact he was the key member in the planning and execution of the political campaign. His inputs may be vital even this time together with the vote bank he is going to get from the Telangana regions.

TDP has also announced some key issues which it will highligh in the forthcoming election campaign. One, the Congress government’s inability to curb the increasing terror attacks. Two, the failures and loopholes in all the policies put forth by Congress in the past four-odd years. And thirdly, highlight the corrupt and exploitative nature of the Congress leaders during this period.

This may be said as just the beginning. Many more interesting developments may come by as time progresses. We must wait and watch.

In the run-up for the forthcoming elections, TDP is bracing itself for the competition from Praja Rajyam by re-uniting with the N. T. Rama Rao family. Most of the key members of the family were reported to have attended the lunch hosted by N. Chandra Babu Naidu. Several recent political developments in Andhra Pradesh were discussed during this get-together say the newspapers. It is also believed that the Rama Rao family members, Hari Krishna and Balakrishna may play crucial role in campaigning for TDP.

Surely, Naidu is definitely going to try to retain his vote bank through some voters who are the fans of the film stars.

Whether the star family is also going to get politically benefited is anybody’s guess I suppose.

This time, its going to be a war of stars in addition to being a war of political titans. Lets wait and see!