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Our team is off on Diwali Vacation. We wish you a Happy Diwali in advance.

If this is your first visit, read posts that interest you. Do come back on Thursday for we will be back in action again.

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Voices of Andhra Pradesh


The BJP and allied parties have agreed to table the bill for Separate Telangana as per the request from NTPP. The bill will be discussed in the parliament and a vote is likely to be cast on it.

This is being seen as a major move that will make many things clear. It is going to show how strong the sentimeent for a separate Telangana is.

Read the full article from Voices of Andhra Pradesh.

NTPP Devendar Goud met Sonia Gandhi and discussed the issue of separate Telangana. He emphasized the need to give a separate state for Telangana by putting forward a strong case for the same.

He reported that Sonia heard him patiently and responded positively over the issue. He mentioned that Sonia assured him that Telangana issue is in her top priority and that she will discuss this with the Prime Minister as soon as he arrives to India after his visit from Japan and China.

Read the full article from Voices of Andhra Pradesh.

Devendar Goud met BJP leaders in Delhi and gathered their support for passing a resolution in Parliament seeking a separate state for Telangana. BJP has assured NTPP that they will table a resolution for the same in the next few days.

Read the full article from Voices of Andhra Pradesh.

Devender Goud and his NTPP members met several party leaders of the ruling UPA in Delhi. They want to put pressure on the UPA to come to a consensus on a separate state for Telangana even before the forthcoming Elections in Andhra Pradesh.
NTPP has not made alliances so far. They feel that this is too early for this. They want to concentrate more on getting a separate Telangana even before Elections.

Read the full article from Voices of Andhra Pradesh.

The BJP has made it clear that it is ready to fight it alone in Andhra Pradesh in the forthcoming elections if required.
The party spokespersons have indicated that they were alarmed by the kind of alliances that parties are ready to form purely based on political gain. They are surprised that parties are ready to compromise even on their own value system just for gaining more power in the future.

Read the full article on Voices of Andhra Pradesh.

Film Stars are all set to change the scene of the elections this season.

The Telugu Desam chief Chandra Babu Naidu is likely to give seats and more power to the N. T. Rama Rao family members all of them being actors in the film industry.

Even Congress has …

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When several parties are accusing Chiru and Praja Rajyam party regarding funds and Income Tax and other things, the party high command has very clearly mentioned that it works diffently.

Eye for eye kind of politics is not the cup of tea of Praja Rajyam. They said we do not funtion on accusations and counter-accusations. We believe in good work and people will give judgment to parties when the right time comes.

This is a nice way of avoiding the trouble for now, but as the election time approaches, accusations are the main thing that many parties use during campaigning. We may have to see how the party will react at that time.

Praja Rajyam party leader Chiranjeevi is back to Hyderabad after a successful and gruelling week-long road show in the North Andhra region.

The party spokesperson Mr. Mitra mentioned that this show has left the team with several experiences. He said that several people came forward to tell Chiru the problems they are facing. The party is now consolidating their experiences.

He mentioned that once Chiru recovers completely and their experiences and best practices consolidated, and of course keeping in view the upcoming Diwali festival, the dates for the next road show along with the routes and the number of days etc will be announced.

Make it fast! Thats what eager fans and followers of Chiru are saying. They just cant wait more to see their favourite movie icon walking into the streets of their village.

Gone are the days when it was really very difficult to see your favourite hero in real life. The current political campaign is promising to bring almost half of the film industry on to the streets to campaign for some party or the other. Here is a list of stars that may come to your area. Pick your favourite star and keep your fingers crossed:

For the Praja Rajyam Party:
Magastar Chiranjeevi, Powerstar Pawan Kalyan, Naga Babu, Allu Arjun, Allu Aravind.

For the Telugu Desam Party
Junior NTR, Kalyan Ram, Taraka Ratna, Roja, Harikrishna, Balakrishna

For the Congress Party
Krishna, Mahesh Babu, Star couple Dr. Rajashekhar and Jeevitha

For her own party

It is going to be a star-studded election campaign this season. And we are not even at the beginning. The list may (we are sure it will) grow to include many more. So, if your start is not in this list, do not worry, there is still time for the Elections.