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Devendar Goud met BJP leaders in Delhi and gathered their support for passing a resolution in Parliament seeking a separate state for Telangana. BJP has assured NTPP that they will table a resolution for the same in the next few days.

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Praja Rajyam party is likely to announce a favourable stand for statehood of Telangana in its scheduled tour of Telangana districts. Chiranjeevi will tour Karimnhagar, Warangal, Khammam, and Nalgonda district starting from October 30 for about 7 days.

Many things are likely to get clear after the tour. One, the support Chiru is going to get from these regions, two, the party stand on Telangana and three the issues faced by the people of this region on which they would like the party to focus their attention.

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Devender Goud and his NTPP members met several party leaders of the ruling UPA in Delhi. They want to put pressure on the UPA to come to a consensus on a separate state for Telangana even before the forthcoming Elections in Andhra Pradesh.
NTPP has not made alliances so far. They feel that this is too early for this. They want to concentrate more on getting a separate Telangana even before Elections.

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The BJP has made it clear that it is ready to fight it alone in Andhra Pradesh in the forthcoming elections if required.
The party spokespersons have indicated that they were alarmed by the kind of alliances that parties are ready to form purely based on political gain. They are surprised that parties are ready to compromise even on their own value system just for gaining more power in the future.

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The Praja Rajyam spokesperson Mr. Parkala Prabhakar spoke about the accusation levied on the party by leaders from other political parties. He termed the accusations as being mediocre.

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Chiranjeevi announced during the inauguration of the second office for Praja Rajyam that he will be touring the Warangal and Karimnagar districts over a period of five days starting from October 22. He has asked his party members to make necessary arrangements for the same. issue.

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Chiranjeevi was interviewed by NDTV recently. We provide your some excerpts from the questionaire.

NDTV: What made you enter Politics?

Chiru: After my successful career in the film industry, i felt the need to reach people and solve their problems. If I look back at my life when I grow old, it will give me great satisfaction if I have served people when I had the energy and the ability to do it.

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Film Stars are all set to change the scene of the elections this season.

The Telugu Desam chief Chandra Babu Naidu is likely to give seats and more power to the N. T. Rama Rao family members all of them being actors in the film industry.

Even Congress has …

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Alarmed at the way TDP chief, Chandrababu Naidu was declaring freebies to the public, the Congress declared that he is fit to be given an award called “All Free.”

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Chiru inaugurated a second office for the Praja Rajyam party in Jubilee Hills. This office is intended to serve as a meetings place for the party enthusiasts and Chiranjeevi.

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